Corporiality - A Manifesto in Eight Parts

KHG reads “Corporeality - A Manifesto in eight Parts”

This track is a reading by the curatorial collective of Kleine Humboldt Galerie (KHG), Berlin. It's an experimental chapter of their new book-as-exhibition "zwischen körpern / among bodies".

KHG is a volunteer-led project space with a history of more than forty years, which reinvented itself in 2009 as a curatorial collective, located at the Humboldt University Berlin. Each year, the student-run team organizes up to two contemporary art exhibitions with the aim to work inclusively while exploring experimental formats. The current project “zwischen körpern” was first conceived as a gallery exhibition, but as a reaction to the ongoing pandemic lockdown the curators instead chose the alternative format of the book-as-exhibition. This hybrid venture opens up questions concerning the body, touching on limits, control and transgression. By each of the curator reading one part of their collective text "Corporeality – A Manifesto in Eight Parts" their recital becomes a pluralistic and plurivocal experience.